Interaction Design —

     A Piece of Space
     Microsoft Bing
     Cat Sex Toy
     Eco in Malan Lake

     TH Foodlab
     The Sims Alexacurrent

Game Design — 

     The Last Stop
     The Unfathomed Voyager
     Grandpa’s Lost Legacy

     Cupid’s Office

Animations, Videos and Sounds —

     The Loop
     The Invention of Solitude
     Ghosty McGhostface
     Emotions Visualization
     360° Film | Friendship

Others —

    Sound Design

    Concrete Poetry
    Handmade Spoons

    Ink Wash Painting

About —

Ruoxi Li is an interaction designer and trans-disciplinary artist with passion in games, technology, sounds, andthe nature of materiality.
Her research interests range from User Experience Design, Product Design and AR/VR Technology.

25 Variations - Concrete Poetry
Individual Project  
Summer 2016 / Concrete Poetry
25 variations is a project made in summer 2016. The project is about making 25 formal variations (concrete poetries) using one existing poem on webpages. For each variation, The focus is on changing the poem's form through shifts in composition, typography, hierarchy, scale and spacing.

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My Work

︎ Concrete Poetry

Concrete Poetry, a genre that utilizes the semantic, visual, and phonetic elements of language as raw materials to arrange words in space. It was also an historic art movement that was popularized throughout the 1950’s – 70’s in many separate places simultaneously throughout the world.

︎ Selected Works