Interaction Design —

     A Piece of Space
     Microsoft Bing
     Cat Sex Toy
     Eco in Malan Lake

     TH Foodlab
     The Sims Alexacurrent

Game Design — 

     The Last Stop
     The Unfathomed Voyager
     Grandpa’s Lost Legacy

     Cupid’s Office

Animations, Videos and Sounds —

     The Loop
     The Invention of Solitude
     Ghosty McGhostface
     Emotions Visualization
     360° Film | Friendship

Others —

    Sound Design

    Concrete Poetry
    Handmade Spoons

    Ink Wash Painting

About —

Ruoxi Li is an interaction designer and trans-disciplinary artist with passion in games, technology, sounds, andthe nature of materiality.
Her research interests range from User Experience Design, Product Design and AR/VR Technology.


Chasing the wave
Height x Width | 39.3'' x 145.7''

See full size here

Flowers in the vase
Height x Width | 32.3'' x 22.0''

See full size here

Chatting Crabs
Height x Width | 20.9'' x 19.7''

See full size here

Fresh sentimets
Height x Width | 32.3'' x 25.2''

See full size here