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     A Piece of Space
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     Cat Sex Toy
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Game Design — 

     The Last Stop
     The Unfathomed Voyager
     Grandpa’s Lost Legacy

     Cupid’s Office

Animations, Videos and Sounds —

     The Loop
     The Invention of Solitude
     Ghosty McGhostface
     Emotions Visualization
     360° Film | Friendship

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About —

Ruoxi Li is an interaction designer and trans-disciplinary artist with passion in games, technology, sounds, andthe nature of materiality.
Her research interests range from User Experience Design, Product Design and AR/VR Technology.


#VR Experience #Storytelling #Interactive game

2 weeks  (October 16 - October 30, 2018)

5 people, including Kevin Lee (sound designer), Kevin Han (programmer), Ruoxi Li (artist), Shitong Shen (programmer), Shawn Kang (artist)

Assigned Theme:
Design a storytelling experience

HTC Vive

My contribution: 
Experience design, 3d modeling, animation

A contemplative game with some surprising twists along the way, The Last Stop plays like an interactive adventure on the brink of life or death. When souls lose or forget their mementos, they attract evil spirits from this realm and you must use your umbrella to defend yourself and your friend from their attack! You enter this world without knowledge of your previous life and find out more and more about this place as you play - with the climax revealing hints of who you are and what your memory means.

↳ Background

At the train stop between the afterlife and death, you protect a bumbling ghost from the dangers of this whimsical purgatory. Each waiting soul brings one memento with them from their previous life, and through sharing your umbrella with a friend do you reveal the true meaning of your memento. Shield the rain, attack evil spirits, and block with your umbrella to unravel this mystery!

↳ Environment

What it looks like in Unreal Engine (Rendering by Dong hyun Kang)

↳ Character Animation

I made animations for different states for our ghost character. Character modeling and rigging is done by Dong hyun Kang.


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